About Us

reva-headshotReva Kussmaul is the Chief Executive Officer of Eye for Detail, Inc., a residential remodeling company that has served California’s San Gabriel Valley for 30 years. The company’s operating premise is:

be clear in communication

honest in price

operate from integrity  and on-purpose

We offer you a remodeling experience based on your vision.

We create a relationship with you and your home.

We will listen to both your needs and your wants so as to offer you an experience which will successfully meet them.

Web-Reva-workshopI began my practice as a remodeling coach in 1998. It was around that time we started hearing about “nightmare contractors”. I thought, “wait a minute, I’ve had some homeowners who were less than dreams!”

That’s when I realized that remodeling was a 50/50 relationship and if it wasn’t cultivated as such – nightmares occurred. Those nightmares were (in most cases) caused by a gap in communication and it could come from either side.

So, I decided that both homeowners and contractors could use a coach when it came to their relationship – the remodeling relationship that is.

It is my intention to bring a solution to the “remodel nightmare” scenario by bridging the communication gap between homeowner and contractor.

I know, without a doubt, that remodels can be dreams and I want to be part of the solution.